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Social Marketing Tip Sheets from 2014 Financial Brand Forum (#fbforum2014) Available

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social media tip sheets for financial marketers from #fbforum2014

When Media Logic’s President and Founder David Schultz presented at The 2014 Financial Brand Forum for over 400 attendees in Vegas yesterday, he spoke about integrated social media for financial marketers, strongly recommending use of social only when it’s appropriate and in support of specific business strategies.

He detailed several social marketing campaigns, including the strategies behind them, their results and the insights gained. In some cases, those campaigns included paid social advertising and/or social promotions. To help audience members integrate these activities into marketing campaigns aimed at their own business goals, David included with his presentation three tangible resources:

  • “Getting Started with Facebook Paid Advertising,”
  • “Getting Started: Custom Audience Feature”
  • “Social Media Promotions Checklist.”

“Getting Started with Facebook Paid Advertising” is an overview of the opportunities available through Facebook for targeting consumers based on specific marketing objectives like website traffic and conversions. It highlights three stages: targeting, monitoring and analyzing. “Getting Started: Custom Audience Feature” shows how brands can target Facebook users utilizing company data (consumer email addresses, for example). And the “Social Media Promotions Checklist” outlines 11 aspects of social promotions that are critical to success and compliance, including legal considerations, quality assurance and interactive support.

All three tip sheets are available as free PDFs herehere and here.

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