From the Mouths of Babes … 11 Predictions for Retail Marketing in 2011

Careening out of the canyon of confusion that was 2010 we come face-to-face with an alien marketing landscape of “owned media,” “geo-location” and “real-time.” What do these strange terms mean? What do they demand of marketers in retail? Are we facing another year of social media-driven craziness?

To calm everybody down, we enlisted a few of the youngest Media Logicians to help us with our predictions for retail marketing in 2011 (see our predictions in plain text below).

  1. There’ll be no more social media strategies for you, missy
  2. Anybody with a conversion fetish will be asked to leave
  3. Big box retailers will make friends with phones
  4. Media will stop costing money and start making money
  5. Interactive promotions will escape the Facebook tab
  6. Goodbye social media cowboy
  7. AdweekMedia’s 2011 list of “Agencies of the Year” will not include a single traditional advertising agency
  8. The headlines will read, “Facebook is Dead!”
  9. We’ll ask paid media to come out and play too
  10. I’m running away
  11. Don’t worry, marketing will get fun again