Pinterest Becomes Definitively Social

When it comes to social, nothing makes me happier than when a Web-based platform claiming to be “social” really makes it possible for people to connect and build relationships in the real world. You know, getting so-called “friends,” “connections,” “likers,” etc. off their computer screens and mobile devices and into actual places like restaurants and living rooms.

So when I heard about the latest Pinterest trend I got really excited. According to a recent Huffington Post article, “Pinterest users are bringing the site to life through ‘Pinterest Parties,’ where Pinners and friends of Pinners share craft ideas they’ve found on the site and create them together, all while enjoying Pinterest-inspired food and drink.”

How perfectly social – and fun – is that? The more a social platform can be used as a tool for actual personal engagement, it can be argued, the more beneficial and valuable it is to its user base. It’s why Facebook’s Events feature is so widely used to invite people to all kinds of gatherings, from protests to benefits to Super Bowl parties.

If I host my own Pinterest Party, I think I’ll add another guest requirement: my fellow Pinners must show up in Pin-inspired outfits. What, too much?